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Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery MoH Ukraine

According to WHO, every year 1.4 million children are born with congenital heart disease. In Ukraine about 5000 are born with various congenital anomalies of the cardiovascular system. 40% of these children are in critical condition starting their first hours, days and months of life.

The mortality rate for congenital heart defects is 80%. About 40% of children with congenital heart disease die before the age of 1 month.

However, the situation is not so hopeless. The majority of children with congenital heart diseases could be saved if a surgery could be performed at a timely manner. Such life-saving surgeries are conducted in the Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery MoH Ukraine.

The Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery MoH Ukraine is the main institution in the sector of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery and the only tertiary care institution in Ukraine, where the treatment of the most complex congenital heart conditions is possible, regardless of the patient’s age, even before birth.

Just in 2015 the Center consulted 28 391 patients and conducted 2803 surgeries. All kinds of treatments for the Ukrainian children are free of charge. Among the successfully treated young patients 55% are kids in their first year of life, nearly 20% – infants (up to 30 days after birth). Infants requiring immediate surgical intervention are treated in the first weks after birth, without the timely diagnostics and intervention they would have not survived. Endovascular surgeries are carried out when critical heart conditions are diagnosed. Therefore, up to 70% of children who require urgent cardiosurgical care, get it in the Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

Cardiac care Center had earned its reputation as one of the best clinics in the world. The level of postsurgical mortality plummeted to 0.89%, while the leading specialized clinics in Europe and America have an average mortality of 3-4% in cases with similar diagnosis. These results had been achieved with the active research work, continuous introduction of new medical and technological developments, high professional qualifications, responsibility and dedication of medical personnel.

Among the latest scientific and technological developments a considerable breakthroughs have been made in the field of prenatal diagnostics. Detection of the congenital heart disease in due time, while the fetus in still in the womb, allows to better prepare for the following assistance. Without exaggeration, the world has recognized the Center’s achievements in transfusion technique using the umbilical cord blood instead of donor during the emergency surgeries performed on newborns in the first hours of life. This accomplishment of Dr. I.M. Emets was highly appreciated and is now being actively implemented in clinics around the world.

The Chestnut Run Foundation has had a long and successful cooperation with the Center. The contribution of all of the Run’s participants is invaluable for sustaining the Center operatios and development. Primarily, we are talking about the acquisition of the latest of the most needed medical equipment. For instance, thanks to the runners’ participation in 2010 the first device for membrane oxygenation, also called an “artificial heart” was purchased for the Center. In 2013 an innovative CS300 counterpulsation device device (third in Ukraine) – the device that provides an adequate blood pressure at a time when little heart cannot cope. In 2014, with the money raised at the Run the Center was equipped with an autonomous heating system and hot water reservours, ensuring adequate conditions for sergeons and the patients during the winter 2014/2015. In 2015 CF “Chestnut Run” purchased cardiomonitors A8 and M9500 for the Centre and paid for a number of necessary diagnostic and repair equipment for the clinic for a total amount of more than 1 million hryvnia. Funds for this were collected by the participants of 23rd ” Chestnut Run ” and transferred by the ” Inter” TV channel and FC “Dynamo” in their philanthropic initiatives .

The participants of the Chestnut Run have gathered nearly 4 million hryvnia in just under 15 years, purchased necessary equipment and medical supplies, rased awareness about the challenges and needs that the Center and its little patients were facing every day.

Our help is still needed. We urge you to join us in this Race at The Chestnut Run 2017!

May 28, «The Chestnut Run 2017» – Kyiv, Ukraine